Rudolph Van Richten

Rudolph Van Richten is an emminent scholar and the author of the Van Richten Guides. He has trained and worked with the premier monster hunters in the land including George Weathermay, Tordek, and Katrina Von Brandthoven. He resides in the city of Mordentshire in the realm of Mordent.

He is a close family friend of Lord Jules Weathermay and acts as a surrogate uncle to Laurie WeathermayFoxgrove and Gennifer WeathermayFoxgrove.

He considers the heroes to be his students and potentially part of the next generation of monster hunter that will continue the good fight.

He began his life as a humble herbalist but when his son was kidnapped and given to a vampire, he began a life bent on revenge against the creatures of the night.

Rudolph Van Richten

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