Scions of a Scholar

Adventure Log
Being a listing of the previous adventures we've done


Jimmy Upton adventure

Night of the Walking Dead (Grand Conjunction #1)

Neither Man nor Beast

Bride of Mordenheim

Blood in Moondale

The Created

Date Adventure with the William Pellman adventure


Touch of Death (Grand Conjunction #2)

Howls in the Night

Through Darkened Eyes

Alexi Adventure

Vampiric Ixychital


The Cedar Chest

Feast of Goblyns (Grand Conjunctions #3)

Web of Illusion


The Scarlet Kiss

(Grand Conjunction #4) (incorporating Ship of Terror)


Assault on Castle Ravenloft (Based on the 3rd edition Expedition to Castle Ravenloft)

Adventure between assault on ravenloft and grand conjunction

From the Shadows (Grand Conjunction #5)


Roots of Evil (Grand Conjunction #6)

A Light in the Belfry


Circle of Darkness

Side Stories:

A Dream of Castle Ravenloft

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