The Grand Conjunction has come and gone, leaving the lands shattered. Returning home for the first time in almost a decade, our heroes will witness the changes that have been wrought by their enemies. But soon they will find that while events of great moment have changed the face of the world, their mentor has changed. Rudolph Van Richten has wandered among the Vistani tribes to make amends for his hatred. He returns home weary and ready to put his affairs in order before he passes on.

Scions of a Scholar covers the adventures of a young group of heroes taken under the wing of famed author and adventure Rudolph Van Richten as he trains them to fight the tides of darkness that engulf the dark realms. As they grow, they realize their mentor is only human and the torch of heroism must pass to them as they are called to combat evils the likes of which even Van Richten himself has never seen.

Scions of a Scholar has been taking the old Ravenloft 2nd edition adventures, updating them to 3.5 edition, and adding character driven subplots to push the roleplaying and dramatic potential of both the system and the rules to its limit.

Scions of a Scholar